Royal Sonesta Hotel & Casino
Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

The Royal Sonesta Hotel & Casino, in the heart of Panamá City, Panamá, is comprised of 30 floors of guest rooms, restaurants, parking, casino, executive offices, health club, and conference rooms.

At the time CSA was contracted, the construction was only partially complete, requiring significant effort to complete the guest rooms, suites, kitchen and “Skybar”.  The building has a large HVAC system with digital controls, generators, elevators, CCTV, access control systems, UPS and other building support systems.  Our contract required taking over construction management and providing all required services to complete construction; startup all mechanical electrical and plumbing systems and ensure building equipment was running efficiently in normal operational conditions.

Phase I effort assessed construction conditions, evaluated subcontractor agreements, payments and remaining budgets. A preliminary schedule, punch list and estimates were compiled for a report of findings, recommendations and a preliminary budget to complete the work.

Phase II services involved on-site construction administration, developing a final punch list, schedule and estimate and identifying long lead purchase requirements. CSA monitored subcontractors, coordinated weekly progress meetings with subcontractors and design, responded to requests for information or clarification and managed payment requests. Critical activities involved commissioning and testing all critical MEP systems.

Once a final operational verification was completed, the project closeout activities included obtaining a building occupancy permit, finalizing all payments, closing contracts, and reviewing warranties for mechanical and electrical equipment.