Guajataca Dam Collapse, Post Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico

Guajataca Dam Collapse, Post Hurricane Maria

Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Communication. Coordination. Collaboration. These actions are critical to expediting recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, where Hurricane Maria disrupted the lives of millions in September 2017. In response, the governor of Puerto Rico authorized the creation of a Program Management Office (PMO) to speed up repair and reconstruction efforts.

The PMO support team included CSA Group, which utilized an array of in-house engineers, planners, architects, construction managers, program managers, and environmental and permitting specialists. As part of the PMO solution, CSA delivered comprehensive emergency management and disaster recovery services designed to ensure Puerto Rico optimized its reimbursement for disaster-related damages from all available federal sources.

The Dam was stabilized within 60 days, including efforts from PREPA (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority), a local contractor, the National Guard, and the Marines. While PRASA (Puerto Rico Aqueduct & Sewer Authority) worked diligently with FEMA to mitigate the temporary interruption in water service to the nearly 200,000 residents of the area, CSA had a chance to represent PRASA’s interest in ensuring that the emergency actions to stabilize the dam include the necessary components to return the water supply function of the system as soon as possible.