Key West


Key West, Florida

North Roosevelt Boulevard is the gateway to Key West and a critical corridor for residents and visitors alike. The project was done in coordination with the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the City of Key West.

The improvements consisted of the total reconstruction of 2.5 miles of N. Roosevelt Boulevard roadway and seawall. The scope of work involved installing improved drainage systems and replacing the original city water main installed by the US Navy in the early 1940s. In addition, FDOT replaced sewer lines, made traffic signal improvements, installed new ADA compliant sidewalks and bicycle features, added additional crosswalks, new landscaping and street lighting enhancements.

CSA provided engineering, drainage, environmental services, lighting, signalization and surveying.

Design elements consisted of reconstructing the existing seawall and maintaining the existing promenade along the north side of the corridor; reconstruction of the existing roadway pavement with an urban typical section; maintenance of traffic; new curb and gutter and sidewalks along the south side of the corridor; new drainage system; signalization upgrades to mast arm designs; upgrade to signage and pavement markings; upgrade to a new lighting system; milling and resurfacing; and upgrade of existing outfalls at Cow Key Channel and Riviera Canal.