Riverglades Elementary School Parkland 24 Classroom Addition
Parkland, Broward County, Florida


Parkland, Florida, Broward County

Riverglades Elementary was conceived as a modular assembly that could be replicated in a cost-effective manner. The building design reuses the 24-classroom addition design at Oakland Park Elementary School, adapted for the Riverglades Elementary site with updates complying with current Florida Building Code and the District’s Design and Materials Standards Design and Criteria. The 31,300 sf. two-story classroom facility provides 24 student classrooms.

The project required the integration of a modular two-story classroom building into an existing school campus. The existing playgrounds, accessory facilities and support utilities were relocated or adapted within the site as part of the overall effort. The site planning and location analysis was a very important aspect of the design process given the existing conditions and functional aspects of the building. An emphasis on safety was a priority given that the operation of the facility was on going during the construction process.

The structural components were pre-cast concrete modular wall panels with prefabricated concrete floor and roofing structural elements. The assembly was erected in rapid time with a quality controlled manufactured aspect, reducing the assembly time. The developed design and construction strategy provided cost savings and with other benefits such as lower life cycle cost, longer life-cycle and resilience.

CSA Group performed professional architectural, site adaptation and civil engineering services including drainage, sanitary sewer and water distribution design. Additional services included parking lot and student bus drop-off enhancements, signing and pavement markings, relocation of play courts, bidding, construction administration and warranty services.