CBS Honors CSA Group with a Supplier Recognition Award

CSA Group (CSA) started working with CBS in 1995 as a sub-consultant to an architect and the relationship flourished from there.

After working on several successful projects, CSA developed trust and relationships within the CBS organization in meeting and exceeding their expectations by providing engineering services to address both their short-term and long-term needs at the Broadcast Center. CSA has been there for CBS 24/7, supporting their mission. They have been a great client and a big success for CSA.

Since our initial engagements as a subcontractor, CSA has been providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering design and construction administration services to the broadcaster. We have completed over 230 projects for the 57th Street and WCBS Broadcast locations. Over the past five years, our services grew to include architectural and structural engineering support services, allowing us to expand our role as a prime supplier.

Projects have included studio renovations, broadcast booths, control rooms, edit rooms, dressing rooms, media distribution center, emergency generator, prep-kitchens and green rooms, mini master combiner rooms, MIS rack rooms, newsroom renovations, On-Air rooms, production spaces, stage areas, talk control rooms, talk studios, technical master control areas, transmitter sites, UPS rooms, video rooms, waterside economizers and a variety of associated infrastructure upgrades. The work often requires quick turnaround and extensive commissioning within the schedule required by the program.

When we asked for feedback on how the first show went following a significant project to renovate the CBS This Morning Studio Renovation, CBS’s Vice President of News, Frank Governale, commented, ” Very well… everyone is very happy & relieved. Technically it went well, Production went well and even some of the early reviews look pretty good. Thanks for all your help in getting this project on the air. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

CSA’s 22 years of service has provided CBS with many benefits and solutions including:

  • The design of heat recovery and free cooling systems reducing energy demands on chiller operation.
  • The free cooling systems, which CSA designed, saved CBS over 32,000 hrs. of free cooling in the 13 years the system has been in operation.
  • We replaced several constant volume systems with variable frequency drives and variable volume devices.
  • We designed emergency generators and an Un-Interrupted Power Supply (UPS) with battery backup to allow for a smooth and constant electrical flow to the sensitive broadcast equipment. These sensitive spaces require special climate conditioning to prolong the life of the equipment and to provide for a comfortable environment for the occupants.
  • Special mechanical considerations are centered on the design and selection of equipment with a recorded history of reliability since these systems operate 365 days/year and 24 hours/day.
  • Many designs incorporated the use of humidification systems to maintain comfort levels and reduce the possibility of static electricity in highly sensitive heat environments.
  • The design of such spaces included special attention to equipment heat rejected loads, occupancy and studio operations.
  • Noise considerations and fine-tuned air delivery control were also important factors during the design. Also, the selection of energy efficient equipment resulted in energy savings and reducing expenditures.

On November 14, Richard Thomas, CSA’s Account Manager, was invited to Los Angeles to accept the 2017 CBS Supplier Diversity Award on behalf of CSA Group. He gives a lot of credit to the New York Office staff working on what were often fast track, critical client projects. “I can recall countless times where key staff committed overnight and weekend hours to be on site at CBS to assure that equipment was installed correctly and functioning as designed. Being there for CBS during very critical moments and assuring that their needs were met has been some of the most rewarding aspects of this relationship. It was wonderful to be recognized for our years of service and our unwavering commitment to CBS.”

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