CSA Group Puerto Rico Moves into New State of the Art Office

CSA Group recently inaugurated its new San Juan office in La Ciudadela, a vibrant mixed-use complex in the heart of San Juan’s developing cultural/business district. CSA designed the facility with a vision of blending the exterior open-air plazas of the Ciudadela complex with open-plan office space. The 24’-high, 13,500 SF space was transformed, with the addition of a mezzanine level, into 20,000 SF of glassy, light-filled area. The mezzanine runs lengthwise along the back wall of the total space, looking down onto the ground level design and production area. The open-plan office space supports varied work styles and encourages greater interdepartmental collaboration. Greeting visitors and personnel, the reception platform provides a certain separation from work areas and leads one through a series of interrupted stairs, bleachers, and a work lounge platform, to the mezzanine, encouraging exercise.

Clean lines and modernity give way to a certain orderliness throughout the entire office space; having those characteristics as a point of departure, personnel in general are invited to move and operate in various types of spaces dispersed throughout. The mezzanine level assembles group areas, such as team rooms, conference rooms, a work café, and other flexible, relaxed work areas, where people can gather to collaborate or socialize. Additionally, a group of non-assigned, hot-spot workspaces are provided for transient personnel.

The new San Juan office set-up is a departure from CSA’s old office: over the course of a workday, employees can be found bustling around the variety of work areas and interacting with others in a much more easy-going and flexible manner.

New address: 1511 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Suite 23, San Juan, PR 00909

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