CSA Group Continues to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

CSA Group continues to celebrate Hispanic heritage month! We wanted to share a very unique project that our Puerto Rico office is working on for the first update to the Panoramic Route Corridor Management Plan (CMP). 

The Panoramic Route is a continuous set of roads linking Puerto Rico’s West and East coasts through the mountains along the Central Range (Cordillera Central). By the mid-1960’s, it was designated to provide locals and tourists a route to see and appreciate the beauty of Puerto Rico’s countryside, mountains and forests as well as the joy and warmth of the people. This CMP is a community based plan that outlines how to protect and enhance this byway’s intrinsic qualities and the character that defines this byway corridor.

As a way to become familiar with the Panoramic Route, Lymarie Urbina, Sr. Permitting Scientist at CSA (Environmental Unit), started to participate in the annual walk held by Caminata Panorámica Arquitecto Gabriel Ferrer Amador (Caminata Panorámica) in 2017. This is a recreation oriented non-profit organization that annually organizes a hike along the Panoramic Route.  This event has been happening for 36 years and aims to promote the recreation and education on the natural, cultural and human values of the central region of Puerto Rico, while enjoying the stunning landscapes and natural beauties that the Puerto Rico countryside has to offer!

The Route is walked in continuous segments, on consecutive weekends over a period of approximately four months (from mid-January to end of May). It starts on Maunabo (East Coast) and finishes on Mayagüez (West Coast) with a closing celebration. More information on the scenic hike can be found in Facebook’s ‘Caminata Panorámica Arq. Gabriel Ferrer’ public group (link here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1312164888848857).

Lymarie and other staff from our Puerto Rico office (GIS Unit and Transportation Unit) are working on the first update to the Panoramic Route Corridor Management (originally completed back in 1998) for the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority. The Caminata Panorámica event gave Lymarie the opportunity to understand the valuable work of this non-profit and other community workers that are contributing for a better Puerto Rico, information that is being reflected in the updated CMP. 

One of CSA’s guiding principles is, “We treat people with respect and value their diverse backgrounds, experience and opinions.” As a company, we believe in this, and we hope everyone feels this to be true. Our diversity enriches us and makes us stronger. At CSA, we want to celebrate our diverse workforce that gives back and commits to making the world a better place by developing stronger, more resilient facility and infrastructure solutions.   We are CSA! 

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