NYCHA’s Recovery and Resilience “Sandy Recovery Program” Update

CSA Group was contracted as a major subconsultant to #Aptim for Program Management Services, including overall program management support, design oversight, procurement, construction management, community outreach, and grants management for the $3.2 billion #NYCHA Recovery and Resilience’s (NYCHA R+R) “Sandy Recovery Program.” 

Climate change has directly impacted how NYCHA does business, as well as their residents, and they want to ensure that these developments are prepared to withstand these changes for future events. The projects in NYCHA R+R’s portfolio may include reconstruction and/or relocation of boiler rooms,  full backup power generators and flood proofing elements, which represent some of the main components of the Sandy Recovery Program. 

We would like to highlight three projects from NYCHA’s Recovery and Resilience portfolio that are scheduled to realize substantial completion in 2020; NYCHA’s Coney Island Houses ($67M), Redfern Houses ($95M) and Gravesend Houses ($121.5M). Each project is special and uses innovative design strategies to recover from disaster sustained as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Some design challenges faced include repair and retrofitting of existing conditions in-situ, new building construction, future damage prevention via flood protection, structural reinforcement and elevation, and replacement of critical infrastructure. 

For example, at Redfern Houses the brand-new elevated boiler building was designed to sit on top of the existing coal bunker structure with a new community center/daycare center attached. At the elevated centralized boiler building at Coney Island Houses,  the new boiler flue was designed to tie into the existing boiler flue and has a green roof on top. The ground floor space of the new building is designed as an open plan, available for a multitude of future Client uses, and flanked by an exterior open space facing the ocean.  At Gravesend Houses, the new boiler and generator building is also elevated and centralized and is designed to blend into the landscape around it, topped off with a green roof. Additionally, two of the Program’s largest projects, Red Hook Houses and Coney Island Sites are gearing up for construction.

If you would like to keep up with the exciting design work that CSA Group has the privilege to oversee, please visit our Client’s website,, to read about the 35 NYCHA Developments damaged by Hurricane Sandy now receiving resiliency funding through FEMA. 

It’s been a long road in planning to build back better and stronger with this incredible team!

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