Architecture, Engineering and Environmental

Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Design converge at the intersection of creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

At CSA, we are passionate about creating spaces and systems that enhance the quality of life for people and the planet. We are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing the highest level of client satisfaction by delivering projects that set the standards for the best in design, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you need to build or improve an existing infrastructure, construct a commercial building, perform a renovation, devise a master plan, a feasibility study, an environmental assessment, or a compliance audit, we offer our clients industry-recognized support through the multifaceted construction and engineering processes.

CSA Group’s architecture, engineering, and environmental teams work seamlessly and strategically. We assess each project and move decisively to transform it into an integrated work plan and design package developed from the expertise and collective experience of the multidisciplinary teams at CSA Group. In doing so, CSA strives to integrate innovative solutions commensurate to project client’s needs, site conditions, budget, and time requirements.

As a multinational corporation who lives in the communities we serve, our world view, design philosophy, and commitment to provide livable community infrastructure share the same space: serve and always reach for better. Better innovation. Better ideas. Better relationships. Better solutions. Better future for the world. These are important to us, and we are proud of the positive impact that our projects have on the communities and the environment that we serve.

We are committed to excellence, integrity, and safety in everything we do. With an eye toward environmentally sustainable architecture and engineering for the future, and over 60 years of experience, CSA Group’s team addresses the interrelated issues of architecture, engineering design, environmental, and construction administration by providing comprehensive services and competencies. Our firm’s time-tested practices, architectural form and function, innovative engineering, conscientious observation of the care for the environment, and commitment to completing projects on-time and within budget are among the reasons our company is consistently regarded as a trusted advisor to the clients we serve.


  • Master planning
  • Architecture
  • Anterior Design and Furnishings
  • Fixtures & Equipment (FFE) Specification
  • Landscape Architecture
  • LEED Consulting + Sustainable & Resilient Design
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Administration.


  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Mechanical / HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Technology / Communications
  • Fire Protection / Fire Life Safety
  • Construction


  • GIS
  • Environmental Review and Impact Statements
  • Natural Resource Assessment and Management
  • Wetlands Permitting and Mitigation
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Assessment & Consultations
  • Marine Assessments
  • Air Quality Permits
  • Noise Evaluations and Mitigation
  • Open Space Assessments
  • Shadow Studies and Visual Impacts
  • Water, Storm Water and Sewer Evaluations
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Site Characterization
  • Construction Impact Assessments and Environmental Monitoring
  • Pre-construction and Construction Permitting (including Department of Buildings) and environmental compliance